Skiing – The Best Sport

SkiingFor those non-tropical countries which experience four different seasons in a year, most of them would have their own sport that is not found in some tropical countries. When it comes to that, I may refer to the skiing sport as one of the most perfect activity to participate during winter seasons. Most of the time, this became the common hobbies of people who are living in a winter seasoned place. Despite the fact that they are getting cold with the cold temperature, it has been their common interests to work altogether under the snowfall.

It is good to know that both young and old are now enjoying the said sport. Aside from that, it was not just a recreation for some, but most of the time; they consider it as a formal sport where they can also have their own competition. In this case, you have to consider that being safe is very much important when doing the sport. It has to be considered that snows are slippery and might bring you into an accident if you can perfectly carry the skiing shoes.

In that case, consider some of the tips for safety that I can share you when it comes to playing the skiing sport.


  1. Always wear your protective gear. Just like any other sport, it has been a common practice that people should always wear a protective gear before playing. Thus, when it comes to skiing activities, you have to wear something in your head and even in your arms and legs which will protect you from any injuries when instances occurs that you slept in the slippery snow. You have to wear a very thick coat as well which will protect your entire body from the cold temperature. These are the things that you have to completely prepare before engaging into any skiing activity.

  2. Always drink a lot of water before playing. This has been the most important medical advice that you have to take and follow before playing ice skiing. You have to take note that snow brings out a super cold temperature and might harm your when your body is not ready to absorb the coldness of the environment.  Most of the experts show that drinking a lot of water will help your body gets rid of after-effects sickness like colds, cough and even sneezing.

  3. Eat a lot of foods rich in carbohydrates. These foods will give you more energy even when you do the skiing on top of the mountain.

Try Skiing in Bulgaria

hThey say that skiing in Bulgaria means enjoying the sport at its finest without having to spend the usual cost. The season of skiing starts from the middle of December up to April at different mountainous all over the southwest portion of the country. You get to enjoy the best sceneries, amiable people, and unparalleled prices, which make everything a winning combination that rapidly establish a global reputation for Bulgaria as countless people incessantly visit the country and opt to stay there. With a lot of blue and green run, Bulgaria is definitely a place for amateurs and for those people who possess intermediate skills in skiing.

A lot of resorts administer lessons for skiing especially for novices and those who are yearning to develop their fundamental skills of the sport. Anyone can choose from Borovets, Bulgaria, Pamporovo, and Bansko. Each location provides affordable prices and friendly supports.

If you decide to have a break from the whole day of skiing, you can also choose to explore the wonderful display of cultural heritage of Bulgaria exhibited by Rila Monastery that features perfectly preserved edifices.

You would not be able any country or location that will give great value to your money other than Bulgaria. The oldest resort in skiing in the country is also considered as the biggest. Borovets, lying underneath Moussala, is the highest point in all of Bulgaria. The area is consisted of three segments: Markujika, Yastrbets, and Borovets itself. Anyone is allowed to ski even during the evening. Their skiing area extend to an area of 40 kilometers, which is serviced by eleven elevators and the awe striking 15 kilometer cross country path that highlights a world class track of biathlon.